Kit shaping

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Is the kit suitable for those who already own a system for small screws or nails. Scissors straight and curve are important to cut and shape correctly titanium plates without creating burrs, avoiding besides damaging other surgical scissors.



Product description includes:

  1. the box Regenplate ®
  2. Regenplate ® clamp
  3. the scissors straight tungsten carbide coated IRIS scissors
  4. curved LAGRANGE with tungsten carbide coating

In homage:

  • a Regenplate ® small size
  • a Regenplate ® medium size
  • BONUS (only for start-up package): exclusive access to 360 video training – Regenplate ®

Regenplate ® BOX
Box is designed to avoid losing each tool in its appropriate seat this is a kit without seats where the instruments are placed randomly. instruments will be held by non-slip silicone mat and its related non-slip tips
The box is made of plastic material Regenplate ® , Autoclavable at 135° C

The Regenplate ® CLAMP
is essential to model with the correct angles the edges OF THE Titanium plates, before its application in oral cavity

IRIS AND LAGRANGE Scissors – 11.5 CM
tungsten carbide Wolframite ore, from, is in effect a Superalloy; its use is particularly appreciated in the manufacture of surgical scissors with sharp reported for mechanical characteristics absolutely unique. The raised wear resistance, exceptional cutting capacity and stability even in presence of oxidizing substances, make this League the best choice for the cutting and shaping of platelets Regenplate ® . Double curvature of the body size of the tips of the scissors LAGRANGE allow you to properly shape titanium plates curved areas close to the teeth .