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The REGENPLATE® method is based on the tried, tested and highly documented technique of (GBR) Guided Bone Regeneration.

We are well aware of your concerns regarding operative complexity and the fear of membrane exposition, surpassed by new flap management techniques and scientific research by the masters of Bone Regeneration.

In order to deal with the management of post-extractive sites, we have developed a material which is as bacteria-resistant as
possible and is suited to operative protocols without the need of complete flap closure.

The “TITANIUM PLATE STUDY GROUP” was set up in 2016 and supported by scientific research to successfully develop this new project for patient and practitioner wellbeing and satisfaction.

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The advantages of regenplate are:

Contamination resistant

This product has no holes and therefore guarantees excellent protection of the blood clot and can be used in post-extractive bone regeneration and also for alveolar preservation techniques, without requiring complete flap closure.

Following on from the concept of peri-implantitis treatment, the perfectly smooth external surface is not plaque retentive and can be easily cleaned with 0.5% Chlorexidine gel.

It is essential to obtain complete immobilisation of the plate in order to ensure adequate protection of oral fluids.
In cases of edentulous areas where anatomical conditions are suitable, the use of Guided Bone Regeneration aims at complete flap closure in order to guarantee predictable regeneration.

The ability to pre-shape the plate outside the mouth using the specially designed Shaping KIT tools, reduces the amount of intra-oral manoeuvres which can in turn lead to undesired contact with the patient’s tongue or teeth. The “bio-inertia” of titanium protects against type 4* complications, such as infections due to contamination of the graft and of the barrier below the closed flaps, without membrane exposure.

* Fontana F., Maschera E., Rocchietta I., Simion M.
Clinical classification of complications in guided bone regeneration procedures by means of a nonresorbable membrane.
Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent. 2011 Jun;31(3):265-73.

Ease of use
  • The semi-rigid material does not require the use of Tenting Screws to maintain the tent effect.
  • Its shape retaining ability means that there is no need for screws in inaccessible areas like the lingual versant of the jaw.
  • The plate is efficiently fixed using a small number of dental pins or screws (see SURGICAL KIT). Therefore this is much more economic and both fixation and removal are quick and mini-invasive. In specific conditions, the plate may be directly fixed to the dental implant.
Excellent barrier effect

Perforated titanium meshes or grids offer only limited barrier effect and consequent penetration of the soft tissue into the regenerative space. This then creates difficulty during the secondary surgical removal of the mesh.
Various scientific studies demonstrate that the permeability of the barrier is not necessary for bone regeneration, as angiogenesis and revascularisation from the basal bone are sufficient.

*Schmid J1, Hämmerle CH, Olah AJ, Lang NP. Membrane permeability is unnecessary for guided generation of new bone. An experimental study in the rabbit.
Clin Oral Implants Res. 1994 Sep;5(3):125-30.

REGENPLATE® products have been created with a differentiated surface in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

  • There is no re-absorption and there is guaranteed, predictable stabilisation of the graft during the entire duration of the bone regeneration. The second stage surgical process for the management of soft tissues, which is an essential part of GBR, is quick and mini-invasive.
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The outer smooth surface limits the bacterial biofilm adhesion in case of exposure.
The internal surface treatment Regenplate ® promotes the stabilisation of the…